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episode 1 "homemade in rome"

Track List:

 1- Let’s Do It!

 2- Just The Beginning

 3- Nature Boy

 4- Out Of My City

 5- Jisr El Kamar

 6- ShadiRanjit

 7- Desoriental

 8- Song For Kamal

 9- Made In Mexico

10- No More Confusion

11- Remember Gnossienne

12- Libra Madness

13- Till Then

Production info:
Released in 2014. Produced by: Kamal Musallam.
Recorded in 2013 at home in Rome and Dubai. Recording engineer: Leo Zagariello. Additional recordings, mixing & mastering at SoundStruck Studios (Dubai), engineer: Elvis Garagic.
Kamal Musallam Guitars, ouds
Daniele Cappucci Double bass
Israel Varela Drums
Marcello Allulli Tenor sax 
Special guests: Karen Lugo Tapping, hand clapping (1,3,4,9) Francesca Palamidessi Vocals (8) Nafees Ahmad Sitar (6) Shay Olawale Bass (1) Gayathri  Krishnan Vocals (11)


episode 2 "handmade in hummus land"

coming soon!!

HMIHL - FRONT COVER 7 - Mixed Hummus w N

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