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Kamal Musallam
Oud & guitar
Daniele Cappucci
Double bass
Karen Lugo
Flamenco Dance
Kamal Musallam   Oud & guitar

Kamal Musallam, the founder of Arabic Fusion bands Kamal Musallam Trio and EastMania, has been expressing himself through music since the age of 3. Originally from Jordan and born in Kuwait in 1970, Kamal’s parents encouraged him to learn both arts and music. He started out playing the piano and the accordion and then picked up the guitar when he was 9. He finished his studies in architecture in 1994 to pursue a Master in management, and after 3 years of working as architect and project manager, he decided to quit it all and followed his heart as a musician.
Musallam developed his skills playing the guitar and the oud and began to fuse the influences that inspired him, mainly Jazz, Rock, Arabic music, Latin and Asian music. The release of his first album in 2003  ‘On a Jordan River's Side’ under his own label K&G, was highly acclaimed and appreciated on an international scale. Since then, he released 5 more albums: ‘Out Of My City’ in 2008, ‘Lulu’ in 2009 (Grammy selection), ‘Songs For Seung-eun’ in 2011 (Grammy selection), ‘The Best Of Kamal Musallam 1999-2011’ in 2012, ‘Homemade in Rome’ in 2014, and last but not least ‘World Peace Trio’ in 2015 with Gilad Atzmon and Dwiki Dharmawan. Kamal has recorded and played along with a long list of world class musicians such as STING, George Benson, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker, Mike Stern, Kai Eckhardt, Ada Rovatti, Stanley Jordan, Anne Ducros, David Reinhardt, Jorge Pardo (Paco De Lucia Septet), Gilad Atzmon and Francisco Molina, among others.??In 2001 Kamal registered his record label K&G, and in 2006, he established his music production & promotion company in the UAE, KMAC. Musallam is currently playing the newly developed electric oud by Godin, the Multi-Oud. He had also developed with Ibanez new signature guitar models that provide the facility to play Arabic quarter tones, the electric KMM1, the acoustic KMA1 and in 2014, the KMM100.

Daniele Cappucci  Double bass

Born on 19/10/1979 in San Giovanni Rotondo, begins the study of the low 16 years. After a few years he began
his classical double bass studies and attended the Conservatory of Foggia under the guidance of Massimiliano
Mauthe. During his classical studies he approached Jazz starting to play first in the Big Band and Combo. In
1998-1999 he took part in various seminars and workshops: New Orleans University, Faculty of Jazz, Columbia
College Chicago, Siena Jazz, as well as training and further education for the practice orchestra project
"Civitas" and the Hague and Brussels Conservatories. Daniele had the chance to study with: Eddy Gomez, Paolo
Dalla Porta, Vashon Johnson, Franco Petracchi, Steve La Spina, Cameron Brown. For several years he lived in
Rome and had collaborations with Dick Halligan (trombonist of Blood pianist, Sweat and Tears), Fabrizio Bosso,
Giulio Capitozzo, Claudio Filippini Trio, Orchestra Regione Lazio. instrumental technique and improvisation
teaches. His discography includes: • Antonio Cocomazzi Trio "Only Sea" (2000), Israel Varela Group "Border
People" (2009), Kamal Musallam "Songs For Seung-eun" (2011) and "Homemade In Rome" (2014),  and special trio with Israel Varela and MArcello Allulli "Notturno" (2016). His classical music culture, enriched by his knowledge of Arabic and flamenco music, are all very present in his interpretation of jazz.

Karen Lugo   Flamenco dance

Mexican born dancer from Guadalajara has garnered critical acclaim for her interpretation of classical flamenco, as well as her passionate style and incorporation of elements of modern dance.. She already presented herself with her name solo in the ‘Los Novísimos’ series of Festival de Jerez 2010. However, it’s been a long, hard road to get to both events. Has been awarded first prize in Almeria's I Flamenco Festival, first place in Finland's Flamenco Festival of Contemporary dance and third place as choreographer of the XVII Spanish and Flamenco dance contest of Madrid. In 2009 she participated as a soloist in "Sangre Nueva, Jovenes Flamencos" Festival at the Teatro Español of Madrid, later that year she performed in the XIV Festival de Jerez, "Los Novissimos" edition. She has collaborated in the show "Rojo y Rosa" of Agustin Carbonell "El Bola" as a dancer and choreographer performing in Festival "Suma Flamenca de Madrid", Austria's Flamenco Festival, and the Lara Theatre of Madrid. Choreographer and dancer in the ensemble Flamenco Roots in collaboration with indian/rajastani musicians. In 2011 she presented "Flamencura" in Ramallah, Israel in collaboration with Casa Patas flamenco foundation. In may of 2012 she was invited by Juan Carlos Lerida, to participate in an artist and residence investigation and creation in the Flamenc Empiric at the Mercat de les Flors,in Barcelona.In August of 2012 she performed as a soloist in the XIV Muestra de Flamenco "Los Veranos del Corral" in Granada. She has collaborated with the renowned group "Ojos de Brujo" in festivals throughout Spain and France. She danced as a soloist in the show Dressed to Dance in the Tchaikowsky Concert Hall of Moscow under direction of Carlos Chamorro. In november of 2012 she premiered her show "Flamenco Territorio DeMente" in Seattle, which led to a U.S. tour in cities such as Olympia, L.A., and Washington D.C.

Since arriving in Rome, Israel Varela has been one of the most in demand drummers in Europe, capturing the attention of the international music scene. But it is in the context as a flamenco jazz drummer that the gifted artist from Tijuana has revealed all his creativity and distinctive style. he has performed with multitudes of renowned Jazz, Flamenco, Classical and Pop artists including rewarding gigs with: Diego Amador, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Bireli Lagrene, Bob Mintzer, Mike Stern, Yo Yo Ma, Jorge Pardo, Bob Sheppard, Giovanni Hidalgo, Hiram Bullock, Abe Laboriel, Andrea Bocelli, Alex Acuna, Gary Willis, Pino Daniele, Kamal Musallam, Kai Eckhardt ,Montse Cortes, Raimundo Amador, Otmaro Ruiz, Carles Benavent, John Pena, and Rasha Rizk. Born in 1979 in Tijuana, Mexico, Israel grew up in a family filled with singers, pianists, guitarrists and orchestral conductors. He began to perform in public at the age of five, singing and playing piano. Years later at the age of twelve he began doing gigs as a drummer with the best Tijuana local Jazz bands, and studied under Gonzalo Farrugia, and Andrei Tchernizev. A major turning point in his life happened in 1995 when his talent was discovered by the great Alex Acuna. At the age of fifteen he was studying in Los Angeles privately under Alex Acuna(1995-1998), and later under Dave Weckl (1998/2000) also privately. In 2003 he moved to Seville to explore all the demanding techniques, rhythms & harmonies of Flamenco Music under the great Diego Amador, Luis Amador, and Miguel Vargas.This became an important period for Varela as during this period he developed his own voice as a drummer and as a composer knowing the flamenco tradition and using his own original style to add to it. Currently he lives in Rome and is a member of the Diego Amador Trio(spain), Kamal Musallam Trio(UAE), and Jorge Pardo quartet. His albums as soloist "Tijuana Portrait" (2008) and “Border People”(2009), Zamar (2012) and Invocations (2015)

Marcello Allulli   Saxophone

One of the most eclectic saxophonist in Italy, Marcello Allulli is leader, member and special guest of many national and international ensembles, including MAT-Marcello Allulli Trio, Glauco Venier Ensemble, Kamal Musallam quartet, Mufloni, RAJ trio, Ettore Fioravanti 4tet, Nohaybandatrio, Hermanos Quartet.
From 2011 to 2016 he was voted at JAZZIT AWARD among the best italian saxophonists. Among the collaborations: Kenny Wheeler, Norma Winstone, Glauco Venier, Fabrizio Bosso, Antonello Salis,Rita Marcotulli, Kamal Musallam, Israel Varela,  Selen Gülün, John B. Arnold, Ettore Fioravanti, Giovanni Falzone, Michel Godard, Maria Pia De Vito, Tony Scott, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Dave Binney, Shai Maestro. He has an intense international concert career, playing in USA, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, India, Liban, Norway, Austria, Israel, Jordan, Indonesia, Denmark. MAT-Marcello Allulli Trio is formed with two of the most interesting musicians of italian scene, guitarist Francesco Diodati and drummer Ermanno Baron, has constantly a great success with critics and audiences. The first album “Hermanos” feat. Fabrizio Bosso, voted as one of the best 2011 international album by the magazine JAZZIT. With MAT trio, Allulli is often in tour with special guests Antonello Salis, Fabrizio Bosso, Greta Panettieri.
With RAJ Trio, founded with Antonio Jasevoli and Michele Rabbia, in 2010 he recorded the self-titled album for the label Parco della Musica Records. In 2004 the project Nohaybandatrio was born: actually it’s one of the best jazz-core band of Italy, formed with Fabio Recchia and Emanuele Tomasi. In 2012 the trio released the third album featuring great artists as Francesco Bearzatti and Giovanni Falzone. Between 2011 and 2012 he was Art Director of Music Inn Jazz Club, an historic roman temple of jazz. Always leaning towards cinema and theater, Marcello Allulli collaborated in 2002 with the painter/sculptor Gianfranco Baruchello for making of video “Colpi a vuoto.” In 2003 he composed the music for the play “Canto per Shatila” written and performed by Luigi Mezzanotte at Teatro dell’Orologio. He also signed the soundtrack of the movie “Ultimo stadio” directed by Ivano De Matteo. In 2012 the director Francesco Calandra chose some tracks from MAT album “Hermanos” as soundtrack of the movie “La palestra”.
He’s graduated at Berklee College of Music in Boston.


Israel Varela   Drums

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