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1-Let’s Do It!Kamal Musallam
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We met in Rome in February 2013, and stayed all together at Marcello's place, cooked, shared our life stories, the happy and sad. We joked and we played lots of music. It was just impossible for me to let this moment pass without being recorded... and there you go, our first "homemade" album was born!

Kamal Musallam





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In February of 2013, Kamal traveled to Rome, Italy, to experience a new musical adventure surrounded by the Roman Spirit and the iconic city’s cultural treasures. Here he aspired to tie it all together: the centuries-long influence of the Romans on the Middle East, and of the Arabs on Spain; the voyages of the Italian, Spanish and Arab merchants, reaching Asia in the Far East and the Americas in the Far West, who explored new lands, engaging in commerce and cross-cultural exchange, joy and beauty continually reborn.


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