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HMIHL - FRONT COVER 7 - Mixed Hummus w N
6- HanadiKamal Musallam
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We are back in Rome in May 2019, again together at Marcello's place, same thing...cooked, laughed and shared our life stories, the happy and sad and even the most confusing ones! as a lot has happened since 2013. This time, the compositions were more ready than the last time, as I had spent the whole month of April writing the tunes and getting them scored. So the band's role this time was slightly different yet even more essential...making those written tune sound as mature and beautiful as possible. Out focus in the rehearsal and the studio was really that, nothing else. No guessing where to go next! Most of the recording took place at the beautiful FORWARD STUDIOS in Grottaferrata next to Rome, except for one song recorded 'in isolation mode'... and there you go, our second "handmade" album was born!

Kamal Musallam


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